Welcome to Sveaflyg Scandinavia

Sveaflyg Scandinavia has since the spring of 2018 flown mostly charter and ACMI flights with SAAB 340. We have also operated the Stockholm Arlanda – Visby route during the summer of 2018 with domestic air traffic.

Sveaflyg will from October, expand the aircraft capacity with the SAAB 2000 with space for 50 passengers. Sveaflyg has its operational base at Örebro Airport (ORB) and all maintenance is also carried out there. Our Swedish crew has experience in international aviation.


Travel whenever you want and wherever you want with Sveaflyg.

If you need flight capacity where you decide the time and route, contact us for a quote by email: charter@sveaflyg.se

ACMI flights

ACMI: Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance

Sveaflyg delivers a complete solution with aircraft, one or several crews (and technicians) according to the fixed timetable.

ACMI capacity Offer SAAB2000

Sveaflyg has no own AOC/operating license. Sveaflyg flies and works under Lipican Aer d.o.o permit(AOC/operating license).